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Be No275 Person To DownLoad Humanity IRC Bot Services v3.0.1 Updates.zip

These Are Just The Updated Code Files For Users That Have Already DownLoaded Previous Versions Of Humanity IRC Bot Services.

If this is your 1st time here, and you want to try out Humanity IRC Bot you need to download the whole bot, by clicking HERE and downloading this ZiP file!

5 Simple Steps to update:

1. DownLoad This updates.zip file

2. Once It's DownLoaded UnZip It

3. Copy and Paste The Extracted Files In Humanity Bot Services Directory. (The folder/library e.t.c that you've saved Humanity Bot Services in)

4. You'll Be Asked Wether to just copy or replace or both. Click "Copy And Replace"

5. If The Bot Is Active Click The Restart Button In Order For All The Changes To Be Done.

You Got Your Self The Latest Version Of Humanity IRC Bot Services.

Thank You For DownLoading, Viewing, Rating :)

Don't Forget.. For Any Porblems/Bugs/Requests Or WhatEver comes with the bot:

My Email: hellaras7@gmail.com

My Channel: irc.g0dz.net +6697 SSL ONLY!!! #Humanity or from web: http://humanitychan.tk

PEACE :) <3



Humanity Bot Files | Views: 48880 | Downloads: 274 | Added by: OrFeAsGr | Date: 08/02/2015 | Comments (0)

Be No179 Person To DownLoad Humanity IRC Bot Services v3.0.1

Humanity IRC Bot Services v3.0.1

ReLeAseD!!! On 18th Of May 2015

This Is A MultiServer mIRC Bot With Many HelpFull Features For Your IRC Channel(s).

Click Here To See All The So Far Features. More To Come In Next Update. :)

Rate After Use!!!

Special Thanks To: eL^Topo ( http://dreamirc.ucoz.com ) Support DreamIRC Script :)

WeStOr: http://westor.ucoz.com - Rafaella Bot FTW 


Thank You For DownLoading/Visiting/Rating

-Very Latest Updates-

18/5/2015 -Release Of version 3.0

19/5/2015 -Added To v3.0 . Text Command Which Checks If You Have The Latest Version (Type !check_update in any channel that the bot is handling) . Also added new system that loads new scripts after an update!

23/5/2015 -Fixed Critical Bug Which Lets User That Are not in bot op list use many of the botops commands. Increased to v3.0.1

-Check Out The detailed  ChangeLog 

NOTE: These scripts were only ran in windows. For an other OS consult this 

Humanity Bot Files | Views: 49349 | Downloads: 178 | Added by: OrFeAsGr | Date: 24/10/2014 | Comments (0)

Be No37 Person To DownLoad Spotify Track, Album, Artist Info mIRC Bot Script v0.3

This bot script will find Spotify Artists, Albums and Tracks Links Info and send it to the channel!

v0.3 Fixed some bugs in Track message

Added Duration value for tracks

mIRC Scripts | Views: 284 | Downloads: 36 | Added by: OrFeAsGr | Date: 01/11/2016 | Comments (0)

Be No21 Person To DownLoad The Pirate Bay Searcher v0.2

This simple script returns search results of your search query in thepiratebay.org !

Simple to use! Load the script and type !pbay <search_query>

mIRC Scripts | Views: 247 | Downloads: 20 | Added by: OrFeAsGr | Date: 21/08/2016 | Comments (0)

Be No24 Person To DownLoad Custom Pre/Post fix & Modes Colours v0.3

Unlike most of my scripts this is a user wise script! NOT a bot Script!

Place it in the mIRC you use and:

Do /prepost prefix postfix

to change the prefix and postfix of nicks ( e.g change <Nick> to |Nick| or whatever you want! )

Do /setmodcol mode colour-code

Mode can be one of these: ! ~ & @ % + n

(n is for users with not any oper or voice status)

colour code can be 1-15

mIRC Scripts | Views: 268 | Downloads: 23 | Added by: OrFeAsGr | Date: 25/06/2016 | Comments (0)

Be No39 Person To DownLoad Youtube Link Parser v0.1

Ready for use Youtube Link Parser! Download, Load in a clean remote and you have a ready Youtube Bot for your IRC Channel(s)

Credits: Wikked ( irc.g0dz.net (Port: +6697 (SSL ONLY))

                westor ( http://westor.ucoz.com )

mIRC Scripts | Views: 378 | Downloads: 38 | Added by: OrFeAsGr | Date: 10/06/2016 | Comments (0)

Be No24 Person To DownLoad Pastebin New mIRC Pastes Announcer v0.1

Use this script on your desired IRC channel to see the latest mIRC Pastes in Pastebin.com!

Check the full post for simple instructions for the script!

mIRC Scripts | Views: 407 | Downloads: 23 | Added by: OrFeAsGr | Date: 03/06/2016 | Comments (0)

Be No28 Person To DownLoad Acronym Finder mIRC Bot Script v0.1

This script will return the most known meaning of the acronym you search for and the URL to see all the results.

View Full Description for use details. :)

mIRC Scripts | Views: 434 | Downloads: 27 | Added by: OrFeAsGr | Date: 24/01/2016 | Comments (0)

Be No21 Person To DownLoad OPAP Games Results Announcer for mIRC

Are you from Greece? Do you live in Greece? Do you play OPAP games? 

Great. If you want the OPAP results for joker, lotto and proto being sent to your I.R.C Channel click to see the full description!!

mIRC Scripts | Views: 296 | Downloads: 20 | Added by: OrFeAsGr | Date: 24/01/2016 | Comments (0)

Be No102 Person To DownLoad IP Lookup Info v1.5

Find IP Info With This Usefull Script :)

Read More Details In The Full Description.

29/06/2016 v1.5

-Fixed bugs in services field.

27/05/2016 v1.3

-Added Services field!

06/05/2016 v1.2
-Added more error handlers.. (sometimes the error IP's weren't recognized and the socket was left open)
-Updated Map Link. Now there is also a marker on the point where the IP is located!

16/04/2016 v1.1
-Fixed a bug that didn't reply to hostnames.
-Replaced Latitude: and Longitude: with link to google maps!
-Added List Of BlackLists that the IP was found in!


mIRC Scripts | Views: 639 | Downloads: 101 | Added by: OrFeAsGr | Date: 24/01/2016 | Comments (2)

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