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Humanity IRC Bot Services v3.0.1
[ Download from this server (11.02 Mb) ] 24/10/2014, 10:27:20 PM


  • Games: GunFight , Guess The Colour, MathsGame, Anagram, "Who wants to be an operator", Cups, Meters
  •  Bad words/phrases detector: It detects the badwords or phrases you set . You Can Add/Remove them by right clicking on a channel and then clicking on Add or Remove BadWords .
  • Akick: You Can Add Bad Nicks/hosts That You Don't Want To be In the channel(s) that the bot is handling. 
  • Reminder: It Simply Reminds The Users What They Want Whenever They Want
  • ScreenSaver: You Can Turn This On OR Off using the Dialog by clicking on any channel and then clicking ScreenSaver Settings . This feature locks the mIRC that the bot uses after X time you set.
  • Youtube Link Parser: Whenever a youtube link is sent to a channel ,that is in the list of the bot channels, the bot sends the title and general info of the link. This can be turned on/off for each channel in the Servers' Settings.
  • Text & Nick Change Flood Protection: Protects the channel from Text Flood And Repeative Messages. Flood Protection Can be Turned On/Off For Each Channel in the Servers' Settings.
  • Spying Script (For Fun Use): The Bot Opers can make the bot join a channel and copy action to the channel that it was requested from.
  • Lyrics Finder: Users can search for lyrics of a song or a song by some lyrics. The Bot connects to genius.com and searches for the user's query.
  • Bot Opers: Users that can use commands that help control a channel! Nicks need to be added to the Bot Owners listbox. Each Bot Owner needs a pass which he/she will send with a private notice to the bot. The format of the notice text is the following: !pass #channel pass .​ After identifying for the channel he/she wants he can view the commands that can be used by botops only by sending this channel message: !commands

You Are Adviced Not To Use These Bot Services In Official Channels Of Servers Or Generally Channels That You Do Not Own Or You Don't Have Permission To Bring The Bot In. Feel Free To Take Any Scripts You Want, but Mention The Original Version Or/And The WebSite. For Any Help, Questions Or Suggestions You Can Find Me


(server: irc.g0dz.net +6697 SSL ONLY | Channel: #Humanity ) http://humanitychan.tk


 -Since you are here .. take a look at something awesome in I.R.C 

DreamIRC Script Scripted by eL^Topo





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