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IP Lookup Info v1.5
[ Download from this server (6.0 Kb) ] 24/01/2016, 7:26:43 PM

This an easy to use bot script which triggers with a channel/private message. 

Command Format below:

!ipinfo IP/Hostname 

for channel/private message reply


@ipinfo IP/Hostname for user notice reply

You can get info for an IP or give a hostname which will be then resolved backwards to find the IP and get the info.



Category: mIRC Scripts | Added by: OrFeAsGr
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I added Services: property to the script. If there's none detected it doesn't show up at all in the message! I did this because all properties are not shown if they are null or "Not Found"
Thx for your words about my script <3 check out the rest too if you want!

I copied this from the Hawkee site you posted it on. Firstly: finally a working ip script using whatismyipaddress.com, thank you!
I tried contacting you there, but after validating it keeps deleting my account lol. I was wondering if you'd be able to incorporate the Services:  portion into your script?

<tr><th>Services:</th><td><a href="/ip-services">Network sharing device or proxy server</a></td></tr>

That way it will also show the proxy parts:
Suspected Proxy Server
Confirmed Proxy Server
Open Proxy Server

For the life of me I cannot get it to work inside your script(I can fumble through some things irc script related, but not that).

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